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Avoid Slow Event Internet Connections With These Tips

Avoid Slow Event Internet Connections With These Tips

Slow or poor internet connection can easily break any event. Even if event planners can do amazing planning in every sphere, bad WiFi can easily spoil all the fun. In reality, event planners should never take for granted their WiFi reliability. It is never enough to take the access promise of your venue at face value and assume that the wireless providers of your attendees are going to pick up the slack.

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The truth is that professionals share more things online. Great ROI for your events is possible when you invest in high quality and top of the line WiFi. Remember that for attendees to share and engage at your event, specifically if you will use an event app, they will always need their devices and these will need fast, reliable, and good internet connection.

Here are some ways to ensure that your event is accurately connected.

Check the Size of the Audience – Think of What Attendees Will Use the WiFi For

Events with a few hundred attendees will have different connectivity requirements from events composed of thousands. The bigger the audience, the more bandwidth, more routers, and possibly more engineers required for connecting things properly.

Consider Bandwidth Needs

You have to calculate first the bandwidth requirements then enable the bandwidth limits. If you have a bigger audience, you have to consider working with a professional engineer to help you plan things appropriately. Enabling bandwidth limits is possibly the most crucial consideration. For bandwidth limits that are not enabled, even the smallest number of attendees can saturate the channel right away.

For the majority of events, a limit per client of 100 to 200 kbit/s is suitable. This can offer a snappy online browsing experience, usable video, and reasonably quick email. Of course, higher limits will enable higher applications of bandwidth. But, it will require enough available wide and local area bandwidth for supporting all users at such limit.

The event internet service provider TradeShowInternet can give you the assurance that you won’t be dealing with poor or slow internet connection throughout your event.


In this day and age, your audience will not forgive you if your internet connection is slow or poor. You can you use the tips above to entertain your users and leave a permanent memory for you and them selves.

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