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Mololine Shuttle Nakuru Office Location and Contacts

Mololine Shuttle Nakuru Office Location and Contacts

If are you trying to locate Mololine Shuttle Nakuru Offices Location and contacts, then you have come to the right page.

Mololine Shuttle services are a reputable Matatu company that operates mainly on Nairobi Nakuru route. It was one of the first shuttle company to crop up on Kenyan routes after the collapse of bus companies on the route.

Mololine Shuttle Nakuru Office Location

If you are in Nakuru and want to get to Nairobi, then Mololine will be your best bet. It is not only reliable but its customer service according to me is above average.

This is what a customer Gauvar Toor a tour guide had to say about them.

“If you have to get on a Matatu between major cities, take Mololine. It is definitely in a different league. On average, their drivers do not over speed, respect passengers, and do not partake in dangerous driving. If you are a tourist/ foreigner, you can trust this company. ”

The best way to get to Mololine Shuttle is to use google maps. If you have a smartphone just click here and try to locate the office from your location, this should be easy. Besides Nakuru is not a very big city.

If you do not have a phone then Locate Kenyatta lane. Once you have done so the offices are next to Equity Bank Nakuru Offices and opposite Nakuru Railway station. You can also inquire from vendors to help you located the offices.

It would also be prudent to also call them before getting to Nakuru to inquire where they are loacted. Please use the number + 254  716 887825.

Mololine Shuttle Nairobi Office Location and Contacts

If you are in Nairobi you can use this link to locate the Mololine Shuttle Nairobi Offices. Otherwise, the offices are located on the ground floor of Embassy Cinema building, Latema Road in downtown Nairobi that maybe hard for newcomers in the city to locate.

You can also call using the phone number 020 217795.

Molonine Shuttle Schedules and Fees

Mololine as many other shuttles do not have a schedule, the vehicles will leave as soon as the vehicle is fully occupied. There is also no upfront booking and you have to present yourself at their offices and hope that you get a vehicle.

Moreover, they have no operating hours and the shuttles can operate into the night especially if there are many people traveling.

On bus fare, you can expect to pay between Ksh.500.00 and Ksh. 1000.00 but this can go up doing rush hours and festive season.


Mololine is one reliable shuttle service on the Nairobi Nakuru route. If you want to travel fast then this is definitely a company to try though there are other shuttles on this route.

What is your experience traveling with these shuttles? We will be glad to here your stories, please share them.

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