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    25 Best Wedding Places in Nairobi and its Environs

    This page lists the best wedding places in Nairobi and its environs. Because when it comes to weddings we are very careful to choose the best for ourselves and partners. And Shopaxo has taken the trouble to list you only the best.

    Below is a list of the best wedding places you will what to wed complete with contact information and even links to pages owned by those places. I only hope that you enjoy and find the memorable place you will want to tie the knot.

    25 best wedding locations in Nairobi

    1. Safari Park Hotel and Casino

    A wedding at Safari Park Hotel.

    This one is complete with beautiful gardens that you will love. It is located only 30 minutes on the Thika Superhighway Exit 7 opposite the Moi International Conference Centre.

    Rates: Usually they provide an all inclusive package at Ksh1800.00 (US$20) per person.

    Cell: +254 20 3633000, 0722205683, 0733333713

    Website: http://safaripark-hotel/?page=wedding-packages

    2.Windsor Golf Hotel and Country club

    Windsor Wedding Grounds

    Just off Kiambu road is the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club. It located on KIGWA Road. Its expansive open spaces make it very ideal for wedding. It only few minutes from the city centre.


    This depends with the location.

    Garden Pond location: at Ksh 65000(US$ 720) inclusive of set-up food and drinks. Please note that it can host only 150people.

    10th Tee Location: This is the most popular location at the Windsor hotel. It cost Ksh 120000(US$ 13000) inclusive of set-up, food and drinks. It can host up to 1500 people.

    Kigwa View Location: This location can host up to 500people and overlooks a dam. It cost Ksh 100000(US$ 1115) all inclusive.

    Lake View location: The seating is just right next to the lake. It can accommodated 300 people and will cost you Ksh 80000(US$890) all inclusive.

    Note that all inclusive meals set-up, food and drinks.

    Cell: 0722 848043, 0733616 206, 020 882130, 020882138

    Website: http://www.windsorgolfresort.com

    3.Karen Blixen Coffee Gardens

    A scene from Karen Blixen Weddings.

    This one is located in the leafy suburb of Karen along Ngong road. It can accommodate up to 200 people.

    Rates: The grounds go for Ksh 190000 and you will have to pay 80% upfront to use this place. Please inquire using the contact below.

    Cell: 0722848043, 0733616206, 020 882130, 020 882138.

    Website: http:karenblixencoffeegarden.com

    4.Bomas of Kenya

    A couple at Bomas of Kenya

    Located just off Langata Road in Langata are of Nairobi. It is an awesome place to do your wedding.

    Rates: Please use the contacts below to inquire.

    Cell: 020 8068400, 020 2603896, 020 2022426

    Website: http://www.bomasofkenya.co.ke

    5. Utalli Hotel

    Waiting for the Bride at Utalli Hotel Nairobi

    Utali Hotel is located on the Thika Superhighway at Exit 4. It ideal in that it is less than 10 minutes from the city centre. There are both indoor and outdoor reception options.

    Rates: Please contact the hotel using the contacts below.

    Cell: 0722 205891/2, 0722205492, 0733410005, 020 8563540

    Website: http://www.utaliihotel.co.ke

     6. Maro Gardens

    Maro Gardens

    Located between Banda and Brookhouse schools on Magadi Road. It can host up to 500people.

    Rates: From Ksh 60000(US$ 670). You will need to pay up to Ksh 25000 upfront to book the venue.

    Cell: 0729436323, 0734 8338 54

    Website: http://marogardens.com

    7. Zen Gardens

    Zen Gardens

    Zen gardens are located at the Spring Valley in Nairobi. Its surroundings are very beautiful.

    Rates: Please inquire through the contacts below.

    Cell: 0714 744231, 0737 744231, 020 8034445/6

    8. Naivasha Sopa Lodge.

    A Coupls at Naivasha Sopa Lodge

    This is one is not located in Nairobi but in Naivasha on the shores of Lake Naivasha. Naivasha is just 1 hours drive from Nairobi via Waiyaki Way and it one of the best wedding destinations in Kenya.

    Rates: Please contact them through the contacts below.

    Cell: 020 3750235, 020 3616000

    9. Naivasha Sawela Lodge

    Naivahsa Sawela

    This is another place located on the shores of Lake Naivasha.

    Rates: Ksh 50000 (US$ 560). Please note that you have to make some down payment.

    Cell: 020 221 4960, 073 423129, 0733 751118

    Website: http://www.sawelalodges.com

    10. Enashipai


    Enashipai is also located on the shores of the lake Naivasha.

    Rates: Contact them for rates. However they are Platinum, Gold, Silver and Silver rates applicable.

    Cell: 020 3592627, 0713 254035

    Website: http://enashipai.com

    11. Safari Walk Nairobi

    Wedding places in Nairobi Safari Walk
    Safari Walk

    Located at the Nairobi National Park 10 km from the city centre on Langata Road

    Rates: You may need to call this place to find out there rates.

    Cell: 020 2587435

    Website: http://www.kws.org/parks/nairobi_safariwalk.html

    12. Langata Botanical Gardens

    Langata Gardens

    Langata Botanical Gardens are located at Langata and one of the places to have your wedding.

    13. Marula Manor

    Marula Manor

    Marula Manor is located at Karen, just a few kilometers from the shopping centre and one of the best wedding places in Nairobi.

    Rates: You may need to enquire.

    Cell: 020 4451374, 020 3000898

    14. Dinham Gardens

    Dinham Gardens

    Located on Limuru Road, just past The Village Market and its location is one of the best wedding places in Nairobi.

    Rates: From Ksh75000 (US$ 840). Call this place and a discount may be offered.

    Cell: 0712248852, 020 204 417

    Website: https://www.dinhamgardens.com

    15. Loreto Convent School

    Loreto Convent

    It is located near Valley Road on Bishop Road off 3rd Ngong Road Avenue.

    Rates: You will have to part with Ksh 35000(US$ 390).

    Cell: 020 2720716, 020 2721724, 0724 921634

    16 Loreto Convent School Msongari

    Loreto Msongari

    This school is located in Langata and its grounds are one of the ideal wedding places in Nairobi.

    Rates: Ksh 32,500(US$ 365). Usually Ksh 5000(US$56) is refundable after use.

    Cell: 0729 041294, 0736 945045, 020 21041

    17.KCB Sports Club

    KCB Sports Club

    Located at Ruaraka off the Thika Super High way at Exit 4 and close to the Utalii Hotel

    Rates: You may have to find out from them.

    18. African International University


    This one is located in Karen and a prime location for weddings.

    Rates: Please call the numbers below for rates.

    Cell: 0725 841885, 020 2603664

    19. Samdove Gardens

    Samdove Gardens

    Located in Karen near the school of law is one of the best wedding places in Nairobi.

    Rates: Please Contact the Samdove for rates and conditions

    Cell: 0711 751 111, 020 2241452/3

    Website: http://www.samdoveltd.co.ke

    20. Karen school of law

    Karen School of Law

    This is an ideal location located in the Karen suburb and its grounds can hold many people.

    Rates: Call to inquire about the cost and conditions that apply.

    Cell: 020 88911399,020 8891200, 020 8890044, 020 8890094

    Website: http://www.ksl.ac.ke

    21.Steadmark, Karen

    Steadmark Karen

    It is about 200 metres from the Karen NPC off Langata Road. It has large beautiful gardens and a lovely place for wedding in Nairobi.

    Rates: Ksh 100000(US$1115) all inclusive.

    Cell: 0733828087

    22. Serena Hotel

    Serena Hotel

    It is located in the city centre along Kenyatta Avenue. It is very ideal if you what to have a wedding within the city.

    Rates: Call them to find their rates.

    Cell: 020 2822000, 020 20313800

    Website: http://www.serenahotels.com/serenanairobi/weddings-en.html

    23. Jockey Club

    Jockey Club

    This one is located at the Ngong Race course and is one place I recommend for anyone planning a wedding.

    Rates: Please call for more information.

    Cell: 0708 299048, 0733 777 417

    Website: http://www.jockeyclubofkenya.com

    25. Rock City Gardens

    Rock City Gardens

    Rock City Gardens located at the Coffee Garden Road off Kiambu Rd in Muthaiga. It is a beautiful place with wonderful and ideal for any couple planning their wedding. It one of the best wedding places in Nairobi.

    Rates: They offer different packages depending on the needs of the clients. You can call them and they will give you their rates according to your taste.

    Cell: http://www.rockcitygardens.co.ke/

    Other Wedding places in Nairobi

    The list above gives the best 25 wedding places in Nairobi, but there are places that are worthy looking at and considering. They may not have made to my list but they are good places that are pocket friendly. Here are those places.

    • College of Insurance South C– Located in south C just off Mombasa road.
    • Evergreen Park– Located on Kiambu Road about 5 kilometres from Muthiga Interchange.
    • Tayiana Gardens– Located at Garden Estate in Rigdeways.
    • Marist International College– Marist College is located in Karen off Langata Road
    • Starehe Boys Centre– Located at Kariokor on General Waruinge Road.
    • East African School of Theology-Located in Buruburu Phase 4 on Mumias South Road.
    • NPC Valley Road– Located Valley Road.
    • NPC Karen –This church is located in Karen about 500metres from Nakumatt.
    • Kentmere Gardens– Located at Tigoni, 20 minutes drive from Nairobi.
    • Florienta Gardens– Located off Limuru Road.

    I wish you all the best as you try to get the place you wish to tie the knot. And should you get one let us know and we will be happy together.

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