Home BUSINESS What I know About Money: Caroline Muchina Tells Her Story.

What I know About Money: Caroline Muchina Tells Her Story.

What I know About Money: Caroline Muchina Tells Her Story.

What I know about Money: In this article, Caroline Muchina, the Ag. Corporations Secretary and Head of Legal services at Nursing Council of Kenya, an advocated of the high court, a Certified secretary, and an associate of the Kenya Institute of Bankers speaks to Simon Mburu. She tells us what she knows about money.

Here is her story.

I once received a lot of money in organic horticulture farming. The dividend paid well at first. But the business was heavily affected by changes in weather and competitors. Telephone farming did not help. Most of the produce was pilfered by employees.  The emotional pain I experienced was indescribable.

It is not all about money, fame, and fortune. A while back, I declined a multinational organization job and took another job simply because it paid well. I ignored the red flags. I later realized that I was spreading too thin too quickly; the integrity of the role was in question and there was no clear vision. I continued fighting and staying to the extent of sacrificing my health for the job. For a long time, I was sad, sick, and angry. I later left. Do not be afraid to say no or fail.

I had very little to work on when I was very little. My father died when we were very young, leaving my mother to raise the four of us. I learned from a young age to be tenacious, that I had to be successful no matter what life threw at me. I was not going to let my mothers had work go down to waste. I am proud of the success I have achieved so far.

There are real benefits to career mentorship. Get someone in your field who has walked your path and who shares your expertise. Discuss with them your goals, problems, and choices along your career path. Be accountable to them. It will be easier to navigate. Choose excellence. No cutting corners, no short cuts, no whining or complaining.

There are times I have held back and failed to prioritize myself. I had on many occasions silenced myself. I possibly could have learned to say no more quickly, not cede power too quickly and apologize for being me. I am working on this.

What I know About Money

For peace of mind, I mostly save in safe investment vehicles. I tend to choose low-risk low return investment portfolios. So am big on T-bonds, commercial papers, fixed deposits, and unit trusts. I used to major in real estate alone but this is not convertible to cash when in need.

Nothing will be served to you on a silver platter. You must be able to spot opportunities and seize them at the right time and run with them. Do not forget to enjoy the journey and live the moment.

This story first appeared in the Smag, a publication of Saturday Nation.

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