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Techno Camon 11; 5 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know.

Techno Camon 11; 5 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know.

Tecno has just released the Techno Camon 11 into the Kenyan market just day after Huawei released the Y9 (2019) into the Kenyan Market. Moreover, truth be told that the smartphone market is seeing a god fight of its own. Smartphone makers are producing devices that are giving their competitor sleepless night.

Kenya seems to me a ripe market for the budget smartphones from China and these Chinese guys are not taking any chances to fulfil our appetite.

So let us look at what you may not know about this smartphone.

1.The phone looks like the Huawei Y9(2019)

The Techno Camon 11 looks like the Huawei Y9 (2019). In fact, it is very had to differentiate the two. I do not know which manufacturer copied from the other, however if you almost buying the Huawei Y9(2019), it would be better to have a look at the Techno Camon 11.

2. It has a large screen

Of late smart phone manufactures are producing devices that are 6.2’’ of screen, and the Techno Camon 11 is no different. It come with a 6.2’’ screen, and since most of us have appetite for large screens, it a good device to move around with.

3. It will not be sold in China

Most of us may never know this. Moreover, I do not mean to say that it is an inferior device. No. The fact that it is not sold in China does not mean that it is an inferior brand.

In fact, no techno devices are sold in China. Techno mobile produces phone exclusively for the African market. Even though its headquarters are in China, the company seems to have a different marketing strategy for it products.

No wonder unlike its competitors such as Huawei and Xiaomi, which are also based in China, they do not produce high-end smartphones.

4. It will hit Kenyan Stores on Monday 12th November 2018

The company announced that beginning 12th of November 2018; the phone will be available at stores in Kenya. We do expect to see the phones at Techno shops, resellers and large e-commerce store such as Jumia Kenya.

5. It has an AI Camera

The AI camera is becoming popular with smartphone users. For those who do not know the AI means Artificial Intelligence. AI usually recognizes the scene and then adjust automatically to take the best images that ca be.

With the current tread in the market, this a feature that the Techno Camon 11 can bank on to sell thousands of units.

Specifications of the Techno Camon 11

Now that you know a few fact about the Techno Camon 11, let us have a look at the specifications.

  • Camera- Dual Camera, 13MP+5MP back Camera and a 16MP selfie (front camera).
  • Operating System- Android 8.1 Oreo.
  • Storage- 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory.
  • Processor- MediaTek Helio A22.
  • Battery-3750mAh inbuilt battery.
  • Colour- Comes in aqua blue, black, Hawaii blue and midnight.

Price and availability

The phone was announced on November 1st 2018 and should be available as of 12th November 2018. The phone will set you back for about Ksh. 19000(although this is not official but going by the specs).

Final thoughts

Techno mobile phones are very popular in Kenya. The Techno Camon 11 has some good specs. It is a device worthy having if you do not have much to spend. However if you can wait a little longer, we do expect to see the improved version of the phone soon, the Techno Camon 11 Pro.

Should you buy this phone, we will be glad to hear a review of the phone here. You can create an account on this site or even join our discussions in the forum.

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