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Revealed: JSC Sitting Allowance For Hiring Of CJ.

Revealed: JSC Sitting Allowance For Hiring Of CJ.

JSC Sitting Allowance: The Judicial Service Commission (JSC), the commission that is responsible for hiring judicial officials, has over the last week been conducting interviews to fill the position of Kenya’s next Chief Justice(CJ).

The position was left vacant after the former Chief Justice Maranga, attained the retirement age and therefore left the service.

Over the last week, Kenyans have been able to follow the proceeding on TV and already according to many, there already front runners.

However, late last week, the commission received an order to stop the proceeding after one Kenyan went to court to question the proceedings. The commission responded by filing an appeal at the court of appeal.

JSC Sitting Allowance

With the proceeding to get Kenyan’s Chief Justice stopped, ShopaXo has learned that the members of the interview panel are smiling all the way to the bank with the sitting allowance.

For starters, each of the JSC members earns between Ksh. 150,000.00 and Ksh. 250,000.00, which is a responsibility allowance. This is according to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

That is not all, each of the commissioners is also entitled to a special tasks allowance of Ksh. 20,000.00 to Ksh. 25,000.00 each per sitting for disciplinary cases and recruitment purposes.

Moreover, each of the commissioners takes home Ksh.40000.00 per sitting in a country where over 80% of the residents earn less than a dollar a day. With the maximum number of sitting capped at eight, each commissioner could be taking home over half a million shillings.

The JSC sitting allowance is just a side hustle as each of the commissioners has a huge salary from their current jobs.

Among the commissioners, Attorney General Paul Kihara, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, Justice Mohamed Warsame president of the appeal court, take home up to Ksh. 1200000.00

The current chair, Prof Olive Mugenda representing the public has been along serving VC of Kenyatta University( 2006 to 2016) who is currently the Chairperson of the Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH).

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