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Randa Coach Online Booking, Fare, and Contacts


How can Randa Coach Online Booking be done? If this is the question you are asking yourself, then you and I are on the same page.

However, before we delve deeper into this, let us talk a little about Randa Coach.

Randa Coach Bus services is a transport company that offers passenger and parcel services between the cities of Nairobi and Mombasa.

They operate coaches that are moderately comfortable to travel in.

The bus company operates scheduled trips within the day and night and night between Nairobi and Mombasa. Their coaches have a carrying capacity of 44 passengers but currently could be carrying fewer due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Randa Coach Online Booking

Now that you know a little about Randa Coach, let see how the booking is done.

Follow the following steps to make get your ticket.

Home page of Randa Coach
  1. Visit their website by following this link.
  2. Fill in “From” and “To” (Departing station and arrival station, eg. Mombasa to Nairobi). If you are happy, proceed to Step III.
  3. You will now be required to input in the date and time of travel.  
  4. Now, click on the “Search buses.” This will populate the available buses on the date and time selected.
  5. Then click on “Book seats” on the bus you feel comfortable.
  6. This will then take you to the available seats as shown below. Select the seat(s) that you are comfortable with. You can choose either the business or Normal class seats. You will be required to fill in the following information.
  • Passenger Name ID/Passport No
  • Cellphone No:*
  • Country
  • Payment Mode
  • Amount Payable:
  • Transaction Code
  1. After selecting the seat, you will be prompted to pay. You can already see the amount you will be required to pay. This amount depends on the class chosen and the type of coaches.
  2. Once you hit pay button, you will be taken to your Mpesa account. Follow these instructions below to pay.
  • Go to M-pesa Menu and Select Paybill
  • Enter business number 980435.
  • Enter the amount to pay eg 1200.
  • Enter your PIN
  • Wait for the MPESA confirmation SMS and continue to your booking of selected seats.

Congratulations. You now have your seat confirmed and ready for your trip.  You now know how Randa Coach Online Booking is done.

You can pick the physical ticket at the booking office or better still print it at home.


Randa Coach currently charges Ksh. 1200.00 for the business class and Ksh.1000.00 for the Normal classes.

The company operates only on the Nairobi Mombasa Route.


Physical address: Randa Coach Ltd Kenyatta Avenue, P. O. Box 88738-80100 Mombasa, Kenya.

Cellphone: +254 722 417311 (Mombasa Office)

                     +254 790 485128 (Nairobi Office)

                     +254703414754 ( Hotline)



Other Services Provided by Randa Coaches

Apart from ferrying passengers between Nairobi and Mombasa through Randa Coach online booking, the company also provides the following services.

  • Parcel services between the two cities
  • The buses are also available for hiring by groups such as youth groups, religious organizations and educational institutions.


As always, I share reviews from real customers who have used the buses for you to get a glimpse of what you are getting you into.

Mwaghesha Mkala says:

“Your 9PM bus from Mombasa on Sunday (9/9/2018) was being driven very fast and carelessly, and could have caused numerous accidents between Mombasa and Mtito Andei. It was KCE 151 if I’m not wrong, and the passengers raised complaints a number of times. The driver should not be allowed on the road if he is in a hurry to get somewhere, he should drive alone.

Very disappointed with the experience!”

Fatmzahra Luqman Jamardin Says:

“MIMI hata nkikosa gari SKU nyingine siwezi panda gari zenyu…useless company….yesterday i suffered the whole night….gari ya SAA NNE usiku ikaharibikia kwa njia tukashukishwa tunaekwa kwa tahmeed na imejaa ikabidi tumekaa kwa floor…yaani nashuka Nairobi asubuhi nakaa kama nlikuwa nakimbizana na nyoka mstuni nimejaa mchanga….mtafilisika tu….nlitaka kuwashtaki mnirudishie doh zangu but nimewaachia mungu….rubbish…mazaga za gari….am very disappointed…nkt..”

Lastly Samuel Ngiri Nginya Says:

“Disappointed. My name is Samuel, tel. 0722787537. Booked a Randa coach online booking ticket on Saturday 10th March, for travel date of Sunday 11th March 10pm. Seat no 9. I booked so early coz I was not feeling well. Mpesa Ref :MCA476CG9E. The bus Reg.NO  KCE151Z. I was boarding from Miritini stage. When the bus came the conductor who was very rude had sold my seat, and rudely told me to take the back seat or I go to their office to complain. It was then heading to 11 pm, so my options were limited but to take that back seat. People of Kenya where did Justice go? Why then was I booking more than 24 hours in advance? The conductor’s mobile no is 0713317378. I am calling all Kenyans of goodwill to come and help me get these answers from this company. Why did they discriminate against me? What criteria did they use for discrimination? IAM Demanding a non-conditional apology & compensation for damages, otherwise, this issue will not rest there.”

In writing these articles, in no way do we endorse these companies. We provide you with the information as it is for you to decide.

I only got negative reviews. Maybe people who are happy with their services do not complain.

Looking for other options on this route? Why not consider


Randa Coach is one of those buses that ply the Nairobi Mombasa Nairobi Route. They have relatively comfortable seats. They also have charging ports and entertainment.

Did you follow our Randa Coach Online booking? let us know.

Have you ever traveled with Randa Coach? What was your experience like?

Share with us.

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