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    QuickMart Opens City Centre Branch; Here is Where It’s Location

    QuickMart Supermarket has opened a new branch in the City Centre(Central business district). This is the first branch in this location, giving shoppers a variety in a location already dominated by Naivas and Tusky’s Supermarkets.

    QuickMart will occupy the space that was previously occupied by Choppies Supermarket on Tom Mboya Street. Choppies- a Botswana Startup- plans to leave the Kenyan market.    

    They take up this space at a time when supermarket retail business in Kenya has seen major players in the market in the past have closed shop. Things have not been rosy in this sector, with giants such as Nakumart and Uchumi closing shop and Tusky’s closing some of its branches.

    Speaking to the media, Betty Wamaitha, QuickMart head of marketing said, “This store allows us to be part of the action in the heart of Nairobi being our first store in the CBD.”

    Taking on Naivas Supermarket

    QuickMart, which has 29 branches so far, has in the past open several branches in an attempt to take some of the market share currently under Naivas firm grip. Naivas Supermarket chain is currently the market leader with branches dotted in all towns and estates in major cities.

    However, completion in the sector is far from over even at the demise of Nakumatt and Uchumi. In the recent past, the sector has seen international players entering the Kenyan market. Players such as Shoprite, Game Stores, and Carrefour are giving local supermarkets a run for their money.

    However, local supermarkets such as Naivas and QuickMart may have an upper hand as they open branches while these international entrants prefer setting up shop at shopping malls and taking over space previously occupied by the Nakumart.  

    QuickMark has seen a steady growth in the past years as it continues to expand its operations to new territories in Kenya.

    Today, it is the third largest supermarket chain after merging with Tumaini Supermarket last year.


    Maishah Marsden
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