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    Nyamira Express Online Booking, Contacts and Destinations

    Are you looking for Nyamira Express Online Booking? You are in the right place and in a short while, I am going to answer your question.

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    At this time of the year (as am writing this article, we are midway through the month of December), people are traveling to their rural homes to celebrate the festivities with their loved ones.

    Moreover, going home by means of a bus is one such way. That is why you are here looking for Nyamira Express Online Booking.

    Nyamira Express (a fleet of buses) is one of the most recognized bus companies plying the Nairobi-Kisii- Migori- Sirare Route.

    If you are traveling on the Nairobi- Kisii- Migori route, you can try them.  Though do it at your own risk, as we are not responsible for your actions.

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    Nyamira Express Online Booking

    I looked around and could not find any online booking portal for the bus. Seemingly, if you want a ride on the bus, you will need to do it the traditional way.

    That is, you will need to go to their bus station and get your ticket as you board the bus. This set-up is usually not the best, as you have to wait for passengers to come and have the bus ‘full’ before the bus can leave.

    Am sorry to disappoint you but Nyamira Express online booking portal is not available, you will need to go to their booking office to get your ticket.

    Let us see where you need to go to get your ticket below.

    Nyamira Express Booking Offices and Contacts

    If you are in Nairobi, you can catch the buses at the famous country bus station. In Kisii town, you can find the buses at the Kisii Main Stage.

    You can also call them via +254 722 516102 or +254 707 574727. You can also check out their Facebook page(see below). Currently, the company does not have a Website page.

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    In Summary:

    Booking Stage: Nairobi Country Bus Park or Kisii Main Bus Park

    Contact: +254 722 516102 or +254 707 574727.

    Facebook Page: Click here to go to the page.

    Website: No website and no official Nyamira Express Online booking.

    Nyamira Express Services and Fare

    As I said earlier, their main service is to carry passengers from Nairobi- Kisii-Nyamira- Migori-Sirare route. They have several departures (though not scheduled) from Nyamira, Kisii, Migori, and Nairobi.

    The fare is not constant and will fluctuate depending on the season. High seasons such as the Christmas festivities attract high fares up to Ksh. 2000.00 while low seasons will attract about Ksh. 1000.00 or even lower in the fare.

    They also offer parcel services to customers on the route at affordable rates.  

    Nyamira Express Reviews

    I have not had the opportunity of getting onto one of these buses, but one thing I am sure of; they are not your kind of comfortable buses out there. Like many buses that originate from the Country bus, they squeezed with three rows of passengers on one side of the coach and two rows on the other side.

    When ‘full’, the buses can carry up to 56 passengers. They are not comfortable at all. If you are to use them, then it is for convenience and not comfort.

    I looked at their Facebook page to see what customers are saying about them. Here are some of the reviews I found.

    Have a look.

    Douglas M Nyabaga says, “I write this to bring to your attention about the pain passengers undergo under the staff. You heftily pay to serve the same customers they are mistreating. My experience today was this: I arrived at Kijauri office at 11 am and booked a ticket to Nairobi and paid Ksh. 700.00. They did not care that I have boarded any of the buses, which never stopped at Kijauri despite all were half-full half-empty. Finally, they ‘sold’ us to another bus Ksh.500.00.”

    Oscar Nyakwar Says, “I traveled by this bus today from Londiani…. Before reaching my destination. The drivers fought me and one of them took my money in the process, the reason is that I demanded to have back my receipt after paying the money instead they fought me and told me to go and report. They even tried to grab my phone. This incident happened today at noon. They then left me in Nakuru. I had to take a Matatu to Nairobi.”

    Lastly, Walter Matayo says, “I feel so sick after being assaulted by the Nyamira express operators. I had to cancel my travel to Kisii in order to seek medical attention in mater hospital. The bus was heading Homabay with registration number KBK 804. The bus left Nairobi at around 3:30 pm. To make matters worse they could not even refund me my fare! What a terrible day! You guys are inhuman!”

    It is so disheartening when you read the kind of reviews like those above. I guess it is due to the rogue Matatu industry in Kenya. The last two reviews only reflect the robbery that happens in some of these public transport companies.


    There is no Nyamira Express online booking portal. This means that you can only go to their booking offices to get a ticket.

    If you are looking for other options on the same route, you can consider Easy Coach, Greenline, Guardian Angel, and Transline buses.

    Have you ever traveled on Nyamira Express? What was your experience like? Share with us.

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