Home BUSINESS Naivas Occupies Shoprite’s Space at Waterfront Mall Karen

Naivas Occupies Shoprite’s Space at Waterfront Mall Karen

Naivas Occupies Shoprite’s Space at Waterfront Mall Karen

Naivas Supermarket will be taking up space left by South African Supermarket chain Shoprite at the Waterfront Mall Karen. This will be its 66th branch as it takes advantage of the turmoil in the supermarket retail sector.

A statement by the supermarket to the media, says that the new ‘store will help create more than 100 jobs, at a time when many people have lost their jobs owing to the departure of Shoprite’.

They added that “The new store will offer 120 jobs directly and twice the number to third-party partners. Pointing to the outlet’s continued plan to promote local businesses while offering employment opportunities to Kenyans.”

“We are delighted at the prospect of opening our 66th store at the Waterfront Mall as it offers us an exciting opportunity to provide Karen shoppers the Naivas Foodmarket experience at their doorstep. We have not had a presence in the larger Karen area which has been a long-standing request by our shoppers, we are finally able to fulfill this with the new development,” said Naivas Chief Commercial Officer, Willy Kimani in the statement.

The move takes place at a time when Tuskys, another retailer faces a financial crisis characterized by the closing down of stores and firing of employees. Shoprite another retailer announced earlier a couple of months ago that it will be closing the remaining two stores and exit the Kenyan market. The Shoprite stores still operational are at Garden City Mall and Westgate Mall.

Naivas Supermarket says that the new store will offer shoppers the food market shopping experience with a focus on everyday fresh produce that guarantees value for money.

As other retailers in the supermarket sector close or are on the deathbed, Naivas Supermarket continues to grow in strides. Nakumatt, Uchumi, Jack and Jill, and Tuskys are Supermarkets that have closed recently in Kenya or facing serious financial strain.

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