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Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2019: Here is how to join the party.

jumia black friday

Jumia Kenya Black Friday is here again. Often, Jumia brings us the black Friday and we get to buy many products at prices at amazing discounts. This year (2018), the Jumia Kenya Black Friday will be bigger and better. In this post, I am going to detail what you need to know about this festival and how you should prepare yourself.

Let us do this.

What you need to know about the Jumia Kenya Black Friday.

This year, the Jumia Kenya Black Friday is going to take place in November. Every Friday in the month of November is black Friday. For your diary, here are the dates;

  • 2nd November 2018.
  • 9th November 2018.
  • 16th November 2018.
  • 23rd November 2018.
  • 30th November 2018.

You see, you have five Fridays at your disposal. However, you cannot take advantage of this festival unless you are prepared.

How to prepare for Jumia Kenya Black Friday.

Register on the Jumia Kenya Website.

It is obvious that you cannot take advantage of this festival unless you are registered at their website. With over 16 million users, you may be the only one left. If you are already registered then read on, however if you are not registered, then you can read a post I wrote on what you need to know about Jumia Kenya and how to register.

Mark the dates

In our busy schedules, we often forget about events we are supposed to be part of. That is why we have diaries. Write it somewhere in your diary. If you are one of those people that look at your diary a day before, then you should be set. Honestly speaking I am a poor user of a diary. So how do I do it?

This is what I do.

Jumia Kenya Black Friday flash sales are very popular among shoppers. Therefore, within seconds of a product you are waiting to buy goes live, it could be gone before your very eyes. If you are not ready, you will miss out.

Let me share a story.

One of the weeks when the flash sales were running on Jumia Kenya a few months ago, I set my eyes on buying a phone. The price of this particular phone was going for a half of the marked price. The flash price was so good I could not resist the offer.

I had everything set. Good 4G network on my phone and full battery. Fortunately or unfortunately, I was travelling the same day. The flash price was for a period of 2 hours from 10.00am to 12.00 noon.  I logged into Jumia at exactly 09.57 am, went to the page with phone. Unfortunately, our vehicle went downhill and my phone network dropped to 2G. I tried to refresh the page but it could not reload.

By the time we got out of the valley, it was 10.01am. I tried to refresh the page and it worked since the signal was a bit stronger at 3G. However, I was greeted with a message that the phone was already gone!

This is how fast these products go!

I learned how to get prepared.

So how do I make sure I do not miss out?  Simple. I set a reminder on my phone. I bet you too can set a reminder on your phone. This is how I do it differently. You too can do so. Or do it your way, anyway that will remind you of the event.

jumia kenya black friday-diary

In my case I set the reminder such that I  have a reminder at intervals of 20 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes intervals before the event.

When the alarm goes off 20 minutes to time, I have to finish what I am doing and most importantly check whether I have data if am using a phone. If am on my PC, I check whether I have an internet connection. If not, this is the time to sort that out. I also make sure that my devices (phone or PC) have enough power. There nothing as frustrating as your phone or PC dying on you when you want to make a purchase you have waited all year.

At 10 minutes, I should have sorted the internet connection on the device that am using. In most cases, it is usually my phone. This also serves as a second alert just in case I missed the first one.

At 5 minutes, that is when I log into my account on Jumia Kenya Website and begin browsing to the product I want to buy.

It is important to go to Jumia Kenya website a day before and make a decision on the purchase you are going to make. Jumia always informs its customers early enough to prepare.

Once I find the product I want to buy, I stick to that page. In intervals of about 5 seconds each, I refresh the page. When the timer goes to zero and the product goes live, I strike. I buy the product.

That is how I do it.

What products are on offer?

Now that you are ready for the Jumia Kenya Black Friday, let me bring you some of the products that will be on offer. As I said earlier, knowing what you are going to buy earlier enough, saves you the time you would spend looking at the price and specifications. Once you know this two in advance, you focus on grabbing the item that is on offer.

Mobile Phones: There will be an incredible selection of mobile phones and accessories from all the big, favorite and most trusted brands like Apple, Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, LG, Oppo and more.

Home Appliances: Discover large and small appliances during the Jumia Kenya Black Friday festival. Fridges and freezers, water dispensers, air conditioners, washing machines and more are certainly important for your home. Small appliances like blenders, toasters, pressure cookers and more are also on offer.

Fashion Items: Shop trendy women’s clothing from tops, blouses, skirts, tees, shirts, formal gowns and dresses. You can also find women’s shoes like heels, wedges, flats and more. Men’s clothing including formal shirts, tee shirts, polo shirts, shorts, hoodies and more are going for mind-blowing prices.

Electronics: Home and office electronics is something that you should shop. Are you looking at buying a LED TV or a smart television? How about a sound home theatre system? Stabilizers, UPS and inverters? Jumia Kenya Black Friday has you covered with the most mind-blowing deals.


The Jumia Kenya Black Friday dubbed the ‘Jumia Black Friday 2018 Festival’, is happening this November. Every Friday is going to be a black Friday. There are millions of products with up to 50% off the marked price.

Black Fridays in the United States is characterized by long queues where thousands of shoppers line up at shores to by items at throwaway prices. This may not be the case with Jumia, the very same queue will be invisible online.

Since this festival is so popular, you should to be ready to take full advantage. So if you do not have an account yet, register to be ready. You could have that electronic you have been dying for half the price. There will be millions of shoppers shopping, that why it is called a festival.

To be ready, this what you should do on flash price day.

  • Check what is selling on a flash sale next and go to its page.
  • Keep your eyes on the timer to see how many minutes you have left, this helps you to sit comfortably away from distractions.
  • When the timer is about to hit zero, refresh the page with the product quickly to update the discounted price.
  • Add to cart as soon as you can and immediately start checking out.

If you are a seller, you too can take full advantage of this by registering to be a vendor to sell on the Jumia Kenya platform. Jumia Kenya is looking for people like you. Follow this link to register.

Black Fridays do not often; it is time for you to take advantage of the festival.

Let your friends and family know about the Jumia Kenya Black Friday festival by sharing this post.

Happy shopping and Jumia Kenya Black Friday festival.

What do you think?

Written by Maishah Marsden

Maishah Marsden is the founder of ShopaXo (ShopInKenya.Com) and Maishah.Co.Ke . He is a top Kenyan blogger casually called by his peers as "Life'. If he is not writing your favorite articles, he is with his family. He loves sport and won't mind going on Safari anytime.


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