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Technology For The Next Decade: 10 Technologies That Will Change How We Live

Have you ever stopped to wonder how what technology for the next decade would look like given the current speed of technological innovations around...

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    Jumia Introduces ‘Jumia KOL Program’ To Replace Affiliate Program

    Jumia Kenya has sent an email to its affiliates with a message that it intends to shift its entire affiliate program “Jumia Affiliate Program” to a new program called “Jumia KOL Program.”

    From the email sent to us, there is no further explanation as to what the new program will look like or how it will work. It is not also clear whether the change will affect the current affiliates and their source of revenue.

    According to the email in our possession, the switch is not taking effect immediately but the changes are expected to take place on December 8, 2020. All current affiliates are expected to be moved to the new platform without loss of data.

    However, all affiliates have been asked to set up a new password, update their payment information, and generate a new affiliate link. The email also says that there are app links being available.

    According to Jumia, affiliates will not experience any changes to current payments, earned commissions, tracking orders, and level of service.

    Jumia Affiliate Program is a program that pays affiliates up to 11% commissions for successful referrals. Affiliates can create referral links or use banners to promote their blogs and social media.

    We are looking forward to seeing how KOL, that Jumia says stands for Key Opinion Leader will affect the revenue flow of affiliates

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