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Jumia affiliate: Learn how to easily make money on Jumia

Jumia affiliate: Learn how to easily make money on Jumia

Jumia affiliate marketing can make you good money if you choose the right products and understand exactly how to market them.

In this post, Tanya Mimi teaches you how to begin a blog and make money. Her blog Slacher.Com brings him thousands of dollars every month. You may never get to herlevel, but how about pocketing just a fraction of her earning by being a Jumia affiliate?

Note sure? You can also create a like Dimepiece LA and sell online. However, let’s see what affiliate marketing is.

What is affiliate marketing?

This how Wikipedia, defines affiliate marketing;

“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

In other words, an affiliate is a person who promotes other peoples’ or companies’ products or services and is paid when those products and services are bought.

Let us say company X offers to pay a 4% commission on a TV, worthy Ksh.40000, if you promote this TV and it is bought, then you make Ksh. 1600. Hundreds of these TVs can be bought within a day due to your efforts.  You can see how much you can make within a single day if you are a good promoter.

How is it different from network marketing?

If you have been involved with GNLD, forever living ,Tieens or Jeunesse , then you know what network marketing is.

Here is how Wikipedia defines network marketing;

“Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing,and referral marketing,[is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company’s products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system.”

Let me make a confession, I once joined GNLD, I was lured by those stories you hear of people making a lot money. I was very optimistic that I was going to make it, so I thought. To succeed, I pumped in a lot on money to try to move through the ranks very quickly and even bought products worthy thousands of shillings.

I failed terribly.

I do not mean to say that network marketing is not good. No, that is not what I am saying. What I learned is that network marketing is not meant for everyone. If you are not wired to convince people to buy their own shoes, you likely to fail with network marketing.

To date, I still have those scars of network marketing. Network marketing was difficult for me because you try to sell to people products that they do not want and to add injury to insult, at very exorbitant prices.

That made me hate network marketing.

The beauty with affiliate marketing is I do not have to look for customers. Customers come looking for me and they get what they are looking for. That is not all; you can promote different products from different companies.

How to create a Jumia affiliate account

Now that you have an idea what affiliate marketing is, it is now time to open an affiliate account and begin promoting online.

Now to go https://affiliates.jumia.com/?utm_source=affiliategarage&utm_medium=referral by following the link. If it does not work, copy and paste it into your browser.

It will take you to a page that looks this way.

image1- jumia affiliate-min

As you can see, you register for free and get approved the next day(Though from experience, you are approved immediately). You can also see that you can earn commissions of up to 14% for your efforts. This page also shows you the steps to take to begin making money, which is

  • Register
  • Advertise
  • Get paid
  • Optimize

Now click on Become an Affiliate button

IMAGE2-Jumia affiliate-min

A sign-up form is brought to you to fill it up. For the account type, you may have to choose an individual. Fill in your name, phone number, country of residence, and your website.

If you do not have a website, create one. The easiest thing to create is a blog with minimum financial implications. All you have to follow the link above to Neil’s guide to do so.

Once you have done that, hit the start earning button, if all is well, you will get the following message.

Awesome! We just sent you an email with information on how to login!’

Now go to your email and find the message from Jumia. Click on the link that asks you to set your password. Then set your password and submit. If successful you will have a page that looks this way.

image3-jumia affiliate-min

Log in with your email and password you initially submitted. You will be directed to a page that looks this way

image4-jumia affiliate-min

This is where the magic happens. I suggest that you play around and see what happens. Sometimes trial and error teaches us best.

Now if you not ready for trial and error method, I have a brief description of how the page works.


Click on the dashboard menu on your left. This shows you your performance which includes, clicks, pending orders, rejected orders, approved orders, pending commissions, and approved commissions.

As for you, this page will be empty since your account is new and you have not been a Jumia affiliate.

Also important is that you have to choose the country you are promoting the products and the period you have been promoting then apply to be able to see any results on that page.


This is where you go as a Jumia affiliate to generate banners and links that you can place on your website or social media account.

If you click on the banners, a new page is offered to you. Choose the advertising offer, if you are in Kenya, then that should be Jumia Kenya’.

If successful, then banner folders will be shown. Choose which one you want to promote by clicking on it. Once you have done that, choose the size of the banners below.

Now if you look at the right of your page you should be able to see the banner code, copy and place it into your website or blog page to begin promoting. The ad and image URL can be used as links within your pages.

If you go to link builder, here is where you can customize any link so that if someone clicks onto it, Jumia knows that you are the person behind it.

To do this, get any link of a product or page you want to promote from the Jumia Kenya website. Paste it into the page URL. Choose the advertising offer, again if you are in Kenya as ‘Jumia Kenya’. Now copy the final URL shown and paste it into your blog or website pages.


This gives a summary of all transactions that have taken place from your efforts for a specified period of time. This includes the daily summary and conversions.


There are two categories here, first is the payment details. Here fill in how you are going to receive your cash. Choose your country, fill in your name. Choose a method of payment and finally fill in your mobile number.

If you have made any money and been paid, you can check that history under the ‘Payment history’.


If you click on this then click commission models, you are able to see commission paid for each category. Here is the model.

Category Commission
Automotive & Motorcycles8%
Beauty and Perfumes8%
Books & Stationery10%
Boy's Clothing13%
Cameras & Accessories5%
Events & tickets4%
Girl's Clothing13%
Grocer's Shop6%
Games & Consoles4%
Kids & Babies5%
Men's Accessories13%
Men's Clothing13%
Men's Shoes13%
Sports & Fitness8%
Tablets & Accessories4%
Tvs, Audio and Video4%
Unisex Accessories13%
Women's Clothing13%
Women's Accessories13%
Women's shoes13%

If you have reached here then you are now a Jumia affiliate!


If you are good at content creation, you can easily succeed in affiliate marketing. And one way do so is to become a Jumia affiliate.

You can either

  • Begin a blog-This is the best way to share information on products to potential customers. You do so by creating content that people are looking for, called content marketing. If you desire to do so follow Niel Patel’s guide on beginning a blog.
  • Share on social media– If you have no time to begin a blog, you can share the affiliate links on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular sites that have millions of potential customers. You can create a business page and a shop and promote the products.

That is how you can easily become a Jumia affiliate.

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