How to update your payment method on Jumia Kenya

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This is how to update your payment method on Jumia Kenya. Jumia Kenya will no longer pay its sellers using checks effective January 1, 2019.

Jumia Kenya has been sending messages to sellers informing them of the change. Sellers had up to December 30, 2018 to make the switch.

Jumia Kenya will however pay through Bank transfers and mobile money. This according to the company this will reduce the time it takes for sellers to have their money after selling on the platform.

Here is the message.

As technology develops and more business functions are being moved online, cheques are dropping in popularity. Jumia is no exception in this shift. From the 1st of January 2019 will NOT use cheques as a method of payment for sellers.

When a Jumia hands you a cheque it is only the beginning of a long and demanding paper-chain. In addition to adding the payment to your records, you must then deposit the cheque at your bank – filling in forms and taking time out of your already busy day.

To grow your business, it’s crucial to reduce the number of missed payments. Chasing missed payments can take time away from attracting new customer and growing your business.

We count on you to help simplify this activity, so we can concentrate on providing the best service.


Payment possible every week (depending on your badge).

No Jumia fees, and bank fees for transfers.

No more waiting in Jumia’s offices. 

All payments by bank transfer and Mobile Money are processed first by our Finance team. 

Quick time of receiving your money.

How to update your payment method on Jumia Kenya

1. Log into your seller center.

2. Once logged in, click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

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3. A drop menu will be shown, click on ‘Set Up Your Profile’

4. A page will show, scroll until you get to the payment section. Update you details accordingly.

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If you have been getting your pay via Check, this is the new way to go. However, follow the following guidelines to successfully set up your account.

  • The following banks are not allowed:  Unaitas, Jamii Bora, Bank of Baroda, Transnational Bank, Victoria Commercial Bank,Paramount, Consolidated Bank and Dubai bank.
  • Please note  EFT payments are made on Wednesday  morning and will reflect in your bank same day for Barclays  Bank account holders and within 48 hrs for other banks. We are working to improve our timelines and pay earlier.
  • To be paid via MPESA input your Mobile phone number. Only payment below 50,000 Shillings will be paid via MPESA.
  • Cheques are collected every Monday between 10 – 12 PM , Wed 3.PM -5 PM and Friday 10 AM – 12PM. – Please collect your cheques on time we will not be able to replace stale cheques immediately.
  • Contact vendor support in case you want to change your payment timelines from weekly to monthly.
  • Vendors with incorrect bank details during the payment cycle will only be paid at the end of the month. 

That is how to update your payment method on Jumia Kenya. Get more information on payment here.


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