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How to Stop the KPLC Prepaid Meter Beeping Sound

How to Stop the KPLC Prepaid Meter Beeping Sound

How to Stop the KPLC Prepaid Meter Beeping Sound: The year is 1990. Most people are living comfortably without electricity in their homes. Only a few ‘rich’ homesteads exist in the neighborhood that can afford to power their appliances all day.

Fast forward to 2020. Living in a house with no electricity connection is nearly impossible. Electricity is a major economy driver for both city and rural residents. In fact it is a necessity.

As electricity became a necessity, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC), now Kenya Power, connected households to the grid and installed post-paid meters.

Over the years, these meters proved inefficient. Not only did the company have to cater to postage costs to send monthly electricity bills to clients, but also clients failed to pay in the time leading to many power disconnections.

KPLC Prepaid Meters

These meters are more efficient compared to their traditional predecessors. Prepaid power meters require users to purchase electricity tokens in the form of power units beforehand. The customer UI screen allows users to type in the token code they receive after. As such, it allows you to monitor and manage your electricity usage, which you could also do using the Kenya Power Telegram Bot.

Steps to Turn Off the Beeping Sound on Kenya Power Prepaid Meters

For some reason, KPLC did not settle on one prepaid meter model when it started installing them. That is why you will find households having different meter models like Inhemeter, Hexing, Nirav, Conlog Intech, and Actaris. Turning off the annoying beeping sound on these meters varies.


Hexing meter model seems to be most common in many households. To stop the beeping sound on this meter you need to press 812, then hash (#), or press 812 then “Enter”.


If your meter has the name “Nirav Star Instrument” printed on it, just press 1037 then “Enter” 3 times.

Conlog Intech

In one long press on the hash (#) button will stop the sound on a Conlog meter that keeps beeping when you have few units.


After your units fall below 20 units on your Actaris meter, it will start beeping. To stop this sound as you plan to buy additional tokens, long press the “Enter” button.

For one reason or another, a method may not work for your meter model. Try out the steps specified for the other models. These steps will be updated regularly to include new meter models or tricks.


Prepaid meters beeping can be one of the most annoying things when you want to get some sleep, especially if the meter is located in your house.

With this guide, how to stop the KPLC prepaid meter beeping sound, you can sleep tight knowing that the annoying sound will not be a bother again.

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