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Diamond Platnumz Net Worth Estimates in 2019

Diamond Platnumz Net Worth Estimates in 2019

Diamond Platnumz is no doubt a controversial man, but how much is his net worth? I took a dive into this issue and I am bringing you not only this but other stuff you may not know about this East African Musican.

Unless you live outside East Africa, you already know that Diamond Platnumz is not only among the most famous musician in this region but also the richest.

But how much is his real worth? Most of his fans have been asking this same question. To answer this question, let us dive deeper and understand the man that has been rocking the East African Music scene.

10 Things you probably did not know about Diamond Platnumz.

1. His real name is Naaseb Abul Juma

Like any other musical, Diamond Platnumz is a stage name. His real name is Naaseb Abul Juma. Am not sure if I called him that he will respond.

2. He is a millennial.

Millennials are a group of people born between 1981 and 1996, which means that they are aged between 22 and 38 years (as of 2019). Diamond falls within this age bracket.

He was born on 2nd October 1989 in Tanzania, that make him 30 years old this year (2019).

3. Has released song with artists from five African countries.

As a decorated artist, he has collaborated with several artists from other African countries. He has released music with artists from Kenya, his home country Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC) and Nigeria.

It is in Kenya that he released his second album on 14th March 2018.

4. He is a dedicated Muslim.

Religion is one thing that most of us keep to our hearts and for musicians, it even difficult to tell what they believe in. Not for Diamond Plutnumz, he is a dedicated Muslim often seen taking his prayers.   

5. He lives in the posh suburbs of Dar es salaam.

Being a man he is, he owns and live in the most posh suburbs of Dar es Salaam. It is said he owns several homes in this city and some are rumored to be worthy millions of dollars. Besides, he owns several cars that include a Royce Phantom costing more than two hundred thousand dollars, a Hummer H3, and a Toyota Land cruiser popularly known as a Harrier.

6. Won several awards.

To say that Diamond is the most decorated musician in East Africa is an understatement. Not with several awards, he has bagged in his musical career.

In 2014 alone, he won 7 awards which include, best male artist, best male writer, best collabo of the year, best male entertainer of the year, best afro pop song, best music video and best song of the year.

Over the years, before and after, he had bagged more awards the latest being best East African video of the year 2018 for his work ‘Eneka.’

7. His shows cost US$ 25000.

So you want to invite him to your party? Not a bad idea, for you will get the entertainment of your lifetime. However, this will come at a cost, for you will have to break your bank literally. It is said the Diamond charges not less than US$ 25000.00 for shows outside Tanzania. Within his home country, the shows are much less expensive.

Thinking of inviting him over to your show? I bet you now know the preparations you need to make.

8. Has three children.

Diamond has three kids from his previous relationships. He has two children with his former spouse; Uganda based South African Zari Hassan.

He also has a third child with model Hamisa Mobeto.

His current spouse, Kenya based radio presenter Tanasha Donna Oketch is reportedly pregnant with his fourth child.

9. He has family

Apart from his current spouse, Diamond has a father Abdul Juma and siblings Romeo Abdul Jones, Queen Darleen, and Esma Platnumz.

Much is not known about these members of his family though there have been reports about his sour relationship with his father.

10. Diamond Platnumz Net Worth is Over US$ 4.5 Million

Though Forbes has not made such an announcement, it is estimated that Diamond is worth well over US$ 4.5 million making him among the richest kids on the content.

Apart from his earnings from music, he earns from endorsements for companies such as Coca-Cola, Vodacom, Red Gold, and DSTV. He has also ambassadorial deals that contribute to his wealth.


The net worth of Diamond Platnumz the man behind the ‘Tetema’ fame, has been a subject of speculation, I hope this article brings that to rest.

Should you have more information that you would wish to have added here, please pay it forward and you will receive the credit due to you.

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