Home NEWS CBD-JKIA Commuter Trains To Charge Ksh. 500.00

CBD-JKIA Commuter Trains To Charge Ksh. 500.00

CBD-JKIA Commuter Trains To Charge Ksh. 500.00

CBD-JKIA commuter trains: A new railway line, linking the Central Business District and the Jomo Kenyatta International airport (JKIA), has been launched.

Commuters using the new line will pay Ksh.500.00 for the express train that will take only 20 minutes between the two stations.

During the launch, Kenya Railways Managing Director Philip Maingi announced the new fee.

Also at the event was, was Cabinet Secretary of transport who said that will the link will now Kenyans avoid traffic snarl-ups that often characterize Mombasa Road on their way to the airport.

He noted that the passengers will be dropped at the Embakasi Railway Station from where a courtesy bus will pick them and ferry them to JKIA.

He added, “Commuters will be able to catch a train from the Nairobi Railway Station up to the Embakasi Village Railway Station after which they will then be ferried through the Airport South Road which has been dedicated to the Nairobi Commuter Rail Bus also referred to as the Bus Rapid Transit Vehicles.”

Travelers will undergo numerous security checks at various points on the train and the Bus Rapid Transit buses on the way to JKIA.

The moves comes even as the government tries to sort the traffic jam headaches that have drowned Nairobi for years.

Already, several train stations have been upgraded and new diesel trains imported into the country as the government tries to take that Matatu industry.

The launch comes just weeks after President Uhuru Kenyatta commissioned the commuter trains in the city.  

The CBD-JKIA commuter trains will come as a relief to many travelers who would otherwise, pay dearly for taxis and end up stuck in traffic jams.

Some of them ending up missing there planes at the airport.  

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