Bitcoin Investment Safety Advice

There are many more cryptocurrencies now. However, Bitcoin is still number one. A huge number of people are now becoming interested in investing in Bitcoin. This is because of the expected high returns on investment by them.  If you are interested in Bitcoin trading visit this link and get a fair idea on bitcoin trading.

Because of the volatility, it cannot be taken as a safe investment. But, to make it a good investment, one needs to take caution before investing it. In this article, you will find some safety advice you need to follow before making an investment in Bitcoin to make the investment less risky.

Advise 1- Invest What You Can Afford

The first thing you need to understand is you should never go all out while investing in Bitcoin. Not going all-out means, you should not invest the money that already has a function it needs to fulfill. If you have an excess of money and can easily and conveniently live without the money you’re going to invest, you should invest. However, if it is a bet that can cause a lot of damage in case of loss, it is not advised to invest that money in Bitcoin as the returns are not guaranteed. Make sure you’re financially backed up in case of losses.

Advice 2-Think Thoroughly and Do Not Act on Impulse

You need to think deeply before you invest in Bitcoin. You should follow patterns and previous trends to understand the market better, especially if you’re a beginner. Do your research properly before investing. There are predictions made by experts as well that you can find easily on search engines like google itself. You can take these predictions into consideration as well. Being said that, never act on impulse and do not get influenced by the hype. Do not make decisions you may regret later, and make sure to think with a clear head before investing.

Advice 3- Do Not Blindly Believe predictions

It is advised to consider predictions made by experts but not believe them blindly. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and gets affected by various factors. And all the factors that affect the market are not 100% predictable since no one has control over them. They are majorly external factors, and even specialists cannot give you a crystal-clear idea. All you can do is consider their opinion.

Advise 4- Rupee Cost Averaging

Rupee cost averaging is a simple technique that helps make an investment in Bitcoin less risky. In this, you need to invest a certain amount of money periodically rather than just investing it all at once. Here, the investor is going to invest, disregarding the pattern trends or if the market is low or high. This brings consistency and reduces the risk of investment.

Advice 5- Consider Long Term Investments

Investing in Bitcoin for short periods of time might not bring a good ROI or profit to you because of the volatility of the market. However, if you stick to it for the long term, it is more likely that you will start earning profit eventually. This also helps in understanding the market better and gives you better insights as to when to invest.

Advice 6- Do Not Have Big Expectations

Expectations hurt, especially when your money is on the line. You need to understand that there is a good chance you might not get your money back, and it is best to consider the money you are investing in as bad debt. If the investment turns out to be good, you can get high returns, but if not, there are chances of you losing all your money. Therefore, you need to be mentally prepared for it.


Bitcoin is not considered to be a safe investment, but you can make it considerably less risky by lowering your expectations, following trends, understanding the market better, investing consistently, and not acting on impulse or coming under peer pressure. Remember that it is your money. So, whatever the consequences are, you have to handle it. Therefore, do everything carefully, invest carefully. If you invest carefully and at the right times, you are bound to make it into a good investment.

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Written by Maishah Marsden

Maishah Marsden is the founder of ShopaXo (ShopInKenya.Com) and Maishah.Co.Ke . He is a top Kenyan blogger casually called by his peers as "Life'. If he is not writing your favorite articles, he is with his family. He loves sport and won't mind going on Safari anytime.


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