Home BUSINESS Places Bisil Town Kenya: 3 Answers To Your Questions.

Bisil Town Kenya: 3 Answers To Your Questions.

Bisil Town Kenya: 3 Answers To Your Questions.

With counties opening up in Kenya, Bisil Town is one those places that maybe attracting business minded men and women to set up camp.

Let us explore some of a few things you may need to know.

What you need to know about Bisil town in Kenya.


Bisil is located in Kajiado County, about 30 kilometers from Kajiado town. Kajiado town is the headquarters of Kajiado County.

Kajiado County borders Nairobi County to the north, Narok County to the west, Kitui to the east and the republic of Tanzania to the south.

Accommodation and Amenities

Bisil is a small town and for this reason, there are a very hotels and amenities.

You will get a few small hotels that do not cost much.

If you find yourself here, ask about these hotels. Google maps may also come in handy.

  1. Echula Resort- This is a small hotel that will cost you about Ksh. 10000 per night (US$ 1000).
  2. Kajiado Cultural Resort– You may decide to stay at this hotel, besides its only 30 kilometers from Bisil. It cost just Ksh. 2500(US$ 25).
  3. Lerruat Log Resort– A good place to spend a night, it cost Ksh. 13500 (US$ 135).
  4. Maasai Eco Lodge– With free parking, it only cost Ksh. 5000(US$ 50).

If these hotels are not worthy your penny, consider staying at nearby Kajiado town or Namanga town.

Besides these hotels, the town is dotted with Dukas (small shops), small supermarkets and a few other amenities you may expect in a small dusty town.

There few recreational facilities within the area, though you may need to Bissil Hill Park which offer a few recreational facilities.

How to get to Bisil Town

You can only get here by car, if you have a private car, take the Namanga road from Nairobi to Kajiado Town. From Kajiado Town, Bisil is only 30 Kilometers away.

If you are using public means, then take a Matatu from Nairobi CBD (Ronald Ngala Street to Kitengela. This will cost you about Ksh. 100. From Kitengela, get a Matatu at about Ksh. 150 to Kajiado. Once in Kajiado, get to the main bus station and get a Matatu to Bisil. This will cost Ksh 100.


Bisil town is about 110 Kilometers from Nairobi in Kijiado County. This small town lies between Kajiado town and Namaga (Kenya- Tanzania boarder). The town is only 57 Kilometers from Namanga Border town.

While in Bisil, be sure to enjoy the Maasai culture as you explore opportunities there.  

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