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BestBus Prime Reviews, Schedule, and Contacts

Bestbus prime reviews

BestBus Prime is a popular bus company that operates in the United States of America between the cities of New York and Washington DC.

The company that was earlier known as DC2NY, offers daily bus service between the cities of New York and Washington DC. Moreover, they are also popular for offering weekend gateways to destinations such as Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach.

Between the cities of Washington DC and New York, they offer daily service passing through Silver Springs and Maryland.

BestBus Prime Schedule

BestBus Prime makes it safe and affordable to travel around New England and they say themselves, in style.

You get to travel around New England with stops at;

  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC and
  • New York City(NYC)

Why Choose With BestBus Prime?

Though they boast a fleet of buses that are well maintained, they are other reasons why they are the top of their game.

Consider the following.  

1. Free Rescheduling

In life, there are things that just come up and you have to attend to them. Even when you are minutes away from catching, you bus. Bestbus prime will reschedule your trip and no additional cost. However, you have to inform them at least 24 hours prior.

2. Free Wi-Fi

Having Wi-Fi onboard makes the trip even better. You do not want to away from your loved ones when you travel. There is free Wi-Fi for all riders on board so that you can keep in contact with your contacts.

3.  Free Power

Your phone or other devices cannot die on you when you have a 110V power outlet net to you and it’s not shared. This means you can send a business email or two during the trip.

4. Free entertainment onboard

There are other entertainment choices onboard, and with the free WIFI, You can choose to stream movies on your device from BestBus Prime’s own library.

These movies fit all ages of travelers.

5. Plenty of Legroom

The company uses a 2+1 seating arrangement that allows riders more space around them and of course more legroom. This makes it comfortable for tall people during the trip. Moreover, their seats are also comfortable. Each seat is made from the best-padded leather that relaxes your body the moment you sit down.

Moreover, your elbows get their own armrest and you have your own tray to match. You and your luggage will definitely have more room.

6. Clean Washrooms

Knowing that you have clean washrooms on the bus makes you travel in peace, knowing that should Mother Nature call, you need not dance on your seat.

BestBus Prime Fares

Your trip on BestBus Prime won’t break your bank. Below is the average cost of fare between different cities. Note that the prices could change, however, the change should be minimal.

  • Vienna to New York -$31
  • Manassas to New York- $28
  • New York to Vienna -$31
  • New York to Washington -$24
  • Washington to New York -$25
  • Springfield to New York- $28
  • New York to Springfield -$26
  • New York to Manassas -$30

BestBus Booking and Reservations

There are several ways you can get your ticket.

One, you can get you ticket on BestBus own reservation website. The link to the website is, if the link does not work, you can copy and paste it in your browser. Please note that the tickets are payable in US Dollars during purchase and that all tickets include local, state and federal excise duty where applicable.

Second, you can buy tickets from third party websites such as Amazon, Groupon, Living social and Wandera.

During purchase of the ticket, keep in mind the following;

  • All tickets are non-refundable after purchase, however as I said earlier, you may reschedule your trip or put your ticket on hold for at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure, without incurring any penalty. Otherwise, you incur the penalty.
  • Sometimes you may be offered discounts during time of purchase. You are encouraged to take such offers. However, once you have made a purchase, the time and date for the purchase is final. You cannot reschedule unless it is within the 24-hour period.

BestBus Prime Reviews

The bus company has some pretty reviews. On a scale of 5, the bust Company has an overall rating of 4.4, which is pretty good.

This is how it scores for individual aspects.


Here are some reviews from travelers.

Tae Says, I lost my phone and the driver was really helpful and kind when he returned me the phone back. He did not even take tips.

Richard adds, Comfortable, However, The bus left knowing the driver had an insufficient number of hours to complete the trip We had to stop twice to figure out if he had permission to complete the trip in fact we stopped 300 yards from the station WHY? There was no driver relief.  Why did the bus not have a driver who could complete the trip why did we not have a relief driver why must we arrive 2 hours late due to poor management control?

Lastly, here is what Crystal says;

Great way to travel! Comfortable, quiet and safe!

Way to update status. Our morning bus was 10 minutes late and we were panicking not knowing If we would make theater reservations. A status update would have been helpful

It truly is a great way to travel!

BestBus Prime Contacts

These contacts below is what you may need to make a booking of should something crop up during the journey.

You can call the following office numbers

  •  (202) 871-1487
  • (646) 396-5048 or
  • 1 888 888-DCNY

You could also send them an email by visiting their website.


BestBus Prime is one of the best ways to travel around the New England. Nevertheless, do not believe our word for it.

Traveling with them is the best way to experience this yourself.

Have you ever taken this trip? What were your experiences?

Share with us here.

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What do you think?

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