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Top 7 Online shopping websites in Kenya 2018


Online shopping websites in Kenya are driving tons of traffic to their sites thanks to advances in technology. So many people are accessing the internet like never before.

Kenya currently is one of the top African countries with internet connectivity. This means that there more people that are accessing online shops in Kenya through the internet.

Look at the statistics below.

Online shopping websites in Kenya 1

You can see clearly that about 43 million Kenyans are connected to the internet, out of which 21 million users access through smartphones.

These stats are very interesting for they reveal the sudden rise of online shopping websites in Kenya. Over the past few years, Kenya has seen a rise in the number of online sites that seem bend on cashing on this new market.

Top 7 Online Shopping websites in Kenya

1.Jumia Kenya

Online shopping websites in kenya 2

Jumia Kenya is the largest shopping mall in Kenya. It has over 20 million active users  country wide and lists all kinds of products on its website.

Jumia is famous for its promotions such as Jumia black Friday, Electroshock, TV mania and Krisi na Jumia which drive millions of traffic during such promotions.

You can join jumia and install its mobile application which will enable you access its database of million of products.

Jumia also deals in Travel, Food, Party and even flights.

I did write an in-depth article about understanding Jumia Kenya. It could be a huge resource for you, especially if you intend to sell your products there.

Jumia accepts cash on delivery. You can also pay via Mpesa or using your Credit Card.

2. Kilimall

online shopping websites in Kenya 3

Kilimall is another online shopping mall that is similar to Jumia. However, it is not as big. Kilimall lists products from electronics to clothing and automotive.

If you are not a fun of Jumia, you can try out Kilimall. Since Jumia has so many customers and their shipping speed is usually compromised, most shoppers are running to Kilimall.

Delivery of products can be done within hours of placing your order; this is true especially if it is done before 11am.

If you are looking for a Jumia alternative, you can try Kilimall.

3. Masoko

online shopping websites in Kenya 4

Masoko is the newest online shopping site in Kenya. It is owned by the telecom giant Safaricom. A look at their website shows that they deal in electronics such as mobile phones, household electronics, food drinks and alcoholic beverages.

To shop all you need to do is register at their website and begin shopping.

Honestly speaking I have not yet shopped on Masoko. However, from those who have, the experience is similar to shopping on Jumia and Kilimall.

Also, note that you have to pay upfront before your order can be delivered.

4. Mamamikes

online shopping websites in Kenya 5

Mamamikes is another online shopping site you can try out. Unlike Jumia, Kilimall and Masoko, this shop specializes in cakes and flowers.

It is more of a gift shop than a online traditional shop that sells all kinds of stuff.

If you are looking to surprise your family with gifts, why not try out

5. Sky Garden

online shopping websites in Kenya 6

Sky Garden lists all kinds of products and customers have a variety of stuff to choose from. The website works similar to Jumia where it allows individual, established companies and enterprises to sell on its platform.

To shop you will have to create a free account at their site. It also important to note that payment are made on delivery via Mpesa. In Nairobi, deliveries are done on the same day.

6. Shop It

online shopping websites in Kenya 8

Shop It is another online brand that offers all kinds of stuff to its online customer base. The website lists all kinds of electronics including mobile phones, computers, Telecom and networking, televisions, cameras and electrical appliances.

They also deal in office equipment, sports and fitness gear, beauty products, security and safety and many more.

7. Malls For Africa

online shopping websites in Kenya 7

Mall for Africa allows you to shop from retailers all over the world. The beauty of this is that you have many known online E-Commerce platforms to buy from.

You can buy from E-bay, Amazon and other popular sites online.

Top brands such as MAC, Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, Macys, Sephora, SportsDirect UK, The Works, and Mountain Warehouse are also at your disposal.


More and more Kenyans are shunning the traditional methods of shopping and embracing online shopping. This has led to the rise of online shopping websites in Kenya that a few years ago were nonexistence.

In the list above, I have brought you the most popular sites in Kenya based on the volume of the products moved and the number of subscribers each have.

However, I have not listed them according to popularity, but choose list them randomly.

Should more shopping sites emerge, I will be quick to update the list by bringing you the best.

Let me know your experiences on these online shopping sites.




Maishah Marsden
Maishah Marsden
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