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Tocoma Sets First Shop in Kenya At Two Rivers Mall


Tocoma, an award-winning coffee shop from Ethiopia, has set up its first Shop at Two rivers mall, Nairobi, under the Tacoma Coffee Kenya Ltd.

Speaking to the Media, Wondwossen Meshasha-CGOO- Chief Global operations Officer said,  “This is the first venture for Tomoca within Africa. We chose Kenya as our first gateway for Africa-based expansion due to many benefits Kenya provides to the private sector in terms of investment incentive and other critical aspects that are needed for startup businesses to flourish.”

Tocoma is famed worldwide where it is known for its culture of blending the Ethiopian coffee-making technique with that from Italy. Form these, they have been able to make world-renowned drinks such as Sprice, Cravate, and Macchiato coffees.   

Tocoma, which stands for Torrefazione Moderna café in Italian, and which means modern coffee roasting, prides itself on being a pioneer for change and disrupting the status quo based on the origin of coffee and the ripple effect it had from home use to commercialization.

Blending Coffees by Tocoma

At its shop, Tomoca plans to create beverage blends with Kenyan, Rwandese, and Ethiopian top-quality coffees.

You can catch this magic at the shop in the early hours, as the master roaster freshly roasts and packs coffee beans. The coffee aroma is an experience you will not forget.  

Tocoma began as a family-owned business, which indulged itself in roasting coffee in the Ethiopian way. Today it is known for selling quality roasted and ground coffee to local and international markets.

A member of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) exports its coffee to worldwide destinations such as Japan, Germany, Sweden, the USA, and China among others.   

Maishah Marsden
Maishah Marsden
Maishah Marsden is the founder of ShopaXo (ShopInKenya.Com) and Maishah.Co.Ke . He is a top Kenyan blogger casually called by his peers as "Life'. If he is not writing your favorite articles, he is with his family. He loves sport and won't mind going on Safari anytime.

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