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Kenya ranked 9th among the 10 most industrialized countries in Africa


Kenya is the only East African country on the list of 10 most industrialized countries in Africa, which features most North African Nations. According to a report from the African Development Bank, the United Nations and the Industrial Development Organization, the 52 African Nations have become more industrialized in the past decade.

The report, known as the Africa Industrialization Index (AII), provides a country level assessment of the 52 African countries progress across 19 key indicators.

The report is aims to provide information for the African governments to identify comparator countries to benchmark their industrial performances.

Countries that showed the greatest progress over the past decade include Senegal, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Benin.

10 Most Industrialized Countries in Africa

Here is the list of the 1O most Industrialized countries in Africa

1South AfricaIt ranks first and was the only Sub-Saharan Country to perform better than the North African Countries. It had a score of 0.8404, which is close to the global standard.
2MorroccoMorrocco was the second country in Africa behind south Africa, with a score of 0.8387. Its manufacturing economy has grown in the past decade becoming among the best in Africa.
3EgyptAppearing third, Egypt is the only country whose ranking did not drop over the past decade. It the continents largest manufacturer having built more that 10000 factories. Being a desert country, more that 60% of its workforce work in factories.
4TunisiaAnother North African country, Tunisia took position four among the 10 Most Industrialized Countries in Africa. Its position dropped from second to fourth. And just like Egypt, more workers work in factories.   This represents a growth of above 13%.
5MauritiusMauritius is one of the continents fast growing economies. The country has continued to collaborate with the private sector to identify and support infant industries. The country has helped promote the uptake of new technology and improve quality on its textile industry.
6EswatiniRanking sixth is the small South African Country. Between 2010 and 2021, the country’s exports have continued to increase at 1% annual rate, led by intermediate food products and processed sugar. The country ranks second when it comes to manufacturing value added per capita.
7SenegalThis is the first west African Country to appear on the list. Senegal industrial sector is larger than its agricultural sector, employing 13.6% of the country’s labor force.
8NigeriaNigeria is one of the two West African Country’s on the list. Over the past decade, Nigeria has shown overall industrial improvements. Food and beverages dominate Nigeria’s manufacturing sector. Moreover, the government has continued to use tariffs to encourage revival of the automotive industry.
9KenyaKenya is the only East African Country on the list and has seen its manufacturing output continue rising over the last two decade. In 2021, Kenya reached an all time high of $7.99 billion dollars. Kenya is Africa’s leading horticulture and tea and is the front seat of the continent’s digital revolution.  
10NamibiaNamibia is the 10th most Industrialized countries in Africa on the Africa Industrialization Index. In 2021, the industry sector contributed to 25 per cent to its GDP. Moreover, it’s the third highest employer of labor. According to the Africa Industrialization Index report, the country is one of the few industrial advanced countries in Africa.
Table showing the 10 most industrialized countries in Africa.


From the list of the 10 Most Industrialized Countries in Africa, North Africa dominates the list with three countries, Southern Africa with Three countries, west Africa two and East Africa one.

Mauritius is the only island nation on the list.

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