Home BUSINESS Karibu Taxi, An Airport Transfer Portal Launched

Karibu Taxi, An Airport Transfer Portal Launched

Karibu Taxi, An Airport Transfer Portal Launched

Hospitality Group East Africa has launched Karibu Taxi, an online Travel Agency in Kenya. The portal is available on the web address kaributaxi.com

The platform aims to bring all the airport transfer providers in East Africa on the same platform.

Speaking to the media during the event, Mr. Ndegwa the Commercial Director said, “No other such platform that exists in Kenya and we will be the pioneers. We definitely know that we will get competitors but we have the first-mover advantage.”

“ We are also working at integrating the system with train and bus booking platforms in Kenya”. Added M.  Njuguna.

 How Karibu Taxi Works

On kaributaxi.com, travelers who come into the country can compare the various companies offering services such as Taxi and private airport transfers in any airport within the East African region.

This would work just the way travelers compare various services on platforms such as booking.com and travelstart.com

The benefit of this service to the traveler is that they are able to get the best rates in the market, as at the click of a button, they are able to easily compare prices.

Moreover, for airport transfers, the traveler will have forehand information about the service, like who his/her handlers are and with this, can prepare well in anticipation.

The company says that its goal in creating the platform is to “create more value-added travel market places especially in areas that have been overlooked by the mainstream travel players”.

A robust system

Karibu Taxi is a robust system that has open APIs integrated into other services such as flights, booking systems, and hotels.

Moreover, the system is also integrated with AeroCRS, which is a reservation system used by various domestic and regional airlines. This in essence enables anyone booking a flight to also add the airport transfer services during the process.

With airport transfer very vital in the travel the launch of Karibu Taxi will now come in handy for travelers who after landing, will have to figure out how to leave the airport.

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