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13 Top Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

13 Top Fashion Bloggers in Kenya

Fashion in Kenya is big business for bloggers. There are however, bloggers who bring us fashion like never before. With the advent of blogs, more and more people are getting blogging and fashion is one of them.

I did a check on Bloggers associations of Kenya and found as many 45 blogs. To come up with be top 13 Fashion bloggers in Kenya way not easy. I had to look at the style of writing and how good it is.

From my research, here are the top Fashion Bloggers in Kenya.

A Closer look at the Fashion bloggers in Kenya

Sharon Mundia

Sharon begun blogging in 2012 after a messy breakup with her boyfriend. She set up a fashion blog that would later win the best fashion blog in 2014.

Today, she is a renowned Fashion blogger besides being a media personality and an ambassador to many products.

If you are interested about things fashion, her blog is one of those to follow.

Silvia Njoki

Silvia Njoki blogs at http://silvianjoki.com/ and has made herself a name by being one of the most sought Fashion bloggers in Kenya.

Her blog is one of the best you can find among fashion blogs in Kenya. She writes about clothes, travel and motherhood though I have seen some articles on make up.

She is a winner of the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA).

Nancie Mwai

Nancie Mwai is not your ordinary fashion blogger. She won international recognition by Conde Naste’s Lucky magazine for owning the best fashion blog.

As most of us do, Nancie mwai begun her blog as a hobby but currently does is full time as business.

You can follow her blog at http://www.nanciemwai.co.ke/

Joy Kendi

Apart from acting, Joy Kendi is your usual fashion blogger. She is known for making fashion inexpensive but attractive. Moreover, she does Do It Yourself tutorials, which explain fashion in a way easy to follow.

Her blog at https://justjoykendi.co.ke/ highlights all this. It is a fashion blog I have fallen in love with and often follows.

Lucia Musau

Talk of an opportunity and how to take advantage of it. That is the story of Lucie Musau. As her story goes, her sister once took a photo of her and posted it on Facebook. Her image made rounds on Facebook and people begun inquiring who she was. She seized up the opportunity and begun a fashion blog.

As they say, the rest is history.

Today she is a well-known fashion blogger with great following. Her blog is at https://luciamusau.com/

Arthur Mburu

Arthur Mburu seems to blend well in an industry dominated by women. His passion for fashion led him to start The Lifestyle Spread. Apart from showcasing his personal style, he is involved in styling and fashion shoot choreography.

He is also a wine and food connoisseur. In 2014 he was nominated for the Swahili Fashion Week, East African Fashion Journalist of the Year Awards.

Anita Mogere

Anita Mogere blogs at fromcurveswithlove.com and advocates for a freestyle kind of fashion. Whereas fashion has always been seen as skinny ladies, Mogere thinks otherwise.

Miss Kibati

Miss Kibati began here blogging journey in fashion as a hobby. Today is a well know fashion blogger besides being a brand ambassador at Kung’ara

Grace Mumbi

Grace Mumbi’s blog started as clothing business venture known as Ng’ara in 2013. This quickly turned into a personal styling blog.

She shares her blogging tips on all things fashion.

Jackie Wachieke

Jackie Wachieke is a fashion blogger with a style that everyone will envy. She blogs at fashionfabled which stands out as one of the best blogs in Kenya.

Muriuki Kagiri

This is another male making a name in the fashion industry. He blogs at The Dapper Brother. He is one of the bloggers in Kenya to follow especially if you are interested in things fashion.

Franklin Saiyalel

Franklin Saiyalel as he says it himself is a leading male fashion blogger in Kenya. He has made a name for himself in the field of personal branding by dressing men.

Ezil Ignatius

Ezil Ignatus blogs at Style with Ezil. She has a special love for body-con dresses with show from the way she dresses.


There is no shortage of fashion bloggers in Kenya. As I said earlier, there over 45 fashion blogs in Kenya. The ones that are listed here are the best of them all.

Interested in starting a fashion blog, I have a complete guide you can follow here.

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