Highest paid Hollywood Actors of all Times

20 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors Of All Time!

We all watch Hollywood movies. The type of movies may change over the time, and so as our favorite movie actors. With consensus, Hollywood is the biggest entertainment production world,...
techno phantom 9 selling in kenya

The Techno Phantom 9 To Begin Selling in Kenya Next Week

The Techno Phantom 9 To Begin Selling in Kenya Next Week. We all know that Techno launched the Phantom 9 earlier this month, though the phone is available in some other countries,...

DSTV Paybill Number and How To Pay Via Mpesa

To pay for you DSTV you need the Dstv paybill number. The number is 444900. If you have reached that day of the month when you want to pay you DSTV bill,...

Viusasa Application: How to Download and Subscribe.

If you are looking for any information about Viusasa, then this is the ultimate guide to downloading the app. Within minutes, you can be watching videos online at extremely low prices. Indeed,...
spices shops in Kenya-min

Spices shops in Kenya: Location and Links.

Spices shops In Kenya are not so many. I have labored to bring you the best few. This are places you can buy spices either online or in traditional mortar and brick...
jumia kenya reviews 1

Jumia Kenya Reviews: 5 websites to read

One of the first things that most of us do is to read Jumia Kenya reviews before we can decide if we can proceed and buy from Jumia. It is quite understandable; you do not...