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26 Most Expensive WordPress Plugins That You May Need.

26 Most Expensive WordPress Plugins That You May Need.

So, which are the most expensive WordPress plugins? If you are blogger you know what am talking about. WordPress plugins are must on any blog, but which are the most expensive?

Let us find out.

The market of WordPress plugins is always hot. The people who own WordPress websites need them to make their blog more efficient. The following is a list of the most expensive WordPress Plugins.


RBTR is used for automating marketing process for a website. You can also get attractive pages with ORBTR. It has a price of $99/month.

orbtr Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

2. Gravity Forms

It is basically a form management plugin that also includes features like email notification, custom fields and validation etc. It comes in three prices i.e. $39, $99 and $199 based on the package you buy.

3. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a backup plugin for WordPress websites. You can send a backup of your website to Amazon S3 or on your email account. The package includes the backup of each and everything related to your website e.g. SQL Database, files, themes, scripts etc. Its price is $45.

BackupBuddy Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

4. Lowrider Triple Slider

Lowrider is a slider for WordPress which is very attractive and easy to use. You can also drag and drop images with it. It can be bought for $22.

Lowrider Triple Slider Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

5. Events Calendar Pro

You can create and manage events with the help of it. They can be created using post editor. Google map is also integrated with it. The package is for $32.

Events Calendar Pro Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

6. WP e-Commerce

It is a very useful plugin for e-Commerce websites. It is integrated with multiple social networks and multiple payment options are also available. It has a free version as well but the premium upgrades range from $10-$100.

WP e-Commerce

7. WPTickets – An Advanced Tickets System

As the name shows it is a ticket management plugin which can be set up with many different categories. The users can then prioritize them. The users also get a notification if there is any movement on their asked question. You can get it for $22.

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8. WPReviewEngine

The plugin is used to build review sites. It is very generic i.e. you can make any type of review website e.g. restaurant, hotel, computer software etc. It is for $99.95.


9. DDSliderWP – 11 Transitions – Slide Manager Panel

The plugin helps to manage slides without any dependence on the pages and posts. You can get it for $22.

DDSliderWP – 11 Transitions – Slide Manager Panel

10. Post Validator

The plugin is lifesaving for the people who run multiple websites. It basically lets you make some conditions that should be fulfilled before a post is published. The price of this plugin is $17.

Post Validator

11. Plugin BuddyMobile

You can make your website available for iPhone with the help of this plugin. You can get it for $45.

Plugin BuddyMobile

12. Twitter Widget Pro

As the name shows it is a Twitter plugin. It supports multiple accounts, avatars and many other things. It’s worth $14.

Twitter Widget Pro

13. SocialPress

By installing this plugin you will enable your users to share your posts on different social networks. Its price is $1.


14. WordPress Newsletters Plugin

It helps you to get unlimited email subscribers and it also helps to manage them. It is available with all the features for $49.99.

WordPress Newsletters Plugin

15. WP Envato

It is an Envato plugin for WordPress. It integrates your Envato account with your website for $1.

WP Envato Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

16. Sucuri

It is a security plugin for WordPress websites. It detects and cleans any type of malwares and handles other types of security issues as well. Its price is $89.99.


17. ManageWP

As the name shows it is used to manage multiple WordPress websites. You can get its standard package for $43.2.


18. Scribe

Scribe helps to market your content and brings traffic at your website. It is one of the best content marketing plugins. Its professional package is available for $97/month.This is one of the most expensive WordPress plugin.


19. VaultPress

VaultPress is a plugin that keeps a backup of your website in case something happens you can use the backup. It costs $15/month.


20. Link Trackr

Link Tracker is an internet marketing plugin which is available for $19/month.

Link Trackr Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

21. The Auditor

It is a security plugin that helps you to monitor different activities on your website. The Auditor has a price of $249.

The Auditor Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

22. Booking Calendar

The plugin can be used for any type of booking website e.g hotel room booking, apartment booking, ticket booking etc. It price range is $199-$999. A free version is also available but it doesn’t have all the good features.

Booking Calendar Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

23. WP Compare

You can create a fully featured price comparison website with the help of it for 24700 Euro.

WP Compare Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

24. Mailpoet Premium

It manages everything on your website related to mails. From subscription to scheduling emails. For a single site it costs $99/year.

mailpoet premium Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

25. Ramp

RAMP is a security plugin that helps you to protect your website from malwares and other such things. For a single website it costs $249.

RAMP Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

26. Video SEO for WordPress

This plugin is meant for pure video websites as it displays the result based on the content of the video. It is an expensive plugin but it is worth it. It is available for $69 for one website.

Video SEO for WordPress Most Expensive WordPress Plugins


Any WordPress blog requires plugins to operate to the optimum. Whereas there are some good free plugins you can use, premium plugins give you a head start and you stand out among you competitors.

However some can come at a price that most newbies cannot afford.

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