Top 5 Technology Blogs In Kenya To Follow

technology blogs in kenya

I have been following these technology blogs in Kenya and I thought I might want to share them with you.

These are blogs that do product reviews especially phones and other electronics in Kenya. But why even bother following them? Because as a shopper, you definitely need to know about items you are buying before writing that check or emptying your pockets.

The best of it all is that reviews from these blogs can just help you decide whether to buy or not. Today I bring you the best technology blogs in Kenya.

Top Technology Blogs in Kenya

1. Tech-ish

Tech-ish is a technology blog in Kenya that deals mainly with phone reviews. Moreover, they do write news articles that are technology related.

2. Techweez

Techweez is a blog that reviews all types of phones that come into the Kenyan Market. Besides this, readers can follow technology news as they come up.

The blog is updated periodically ensuring readers have fresh content.

3. TechArena

If you looking for a technology blogs to follow, then this is one of them.  And just like its predecessors above, they seem to review all kind of phones besides bringing us the relevant news.

4. TechTrendsKe

TechTrendsKe is another popular technology blog in Kenya that reviews phones. If you are looking for a technology blog to follow, then I will highly recommend this one.

5. Android Kenya.

Android Kenya brings you everything from Apps, reviews, deals and news. Like all other blogs they seem to be interested about phones.

This another blog you may consider following.


If you would like to be brought to speed about the latest trends in the technology in Kenya, I would advice that you follow this blogs. However, note that the blogs have been arranged randomly. Coming first does not mean it’s the best. To me they are all quality blogs to follow.

You can subscribe to their newsletters and be updated anytime a new blog item comes up.

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