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17 Bicycle Shops in Kenya for You To Check.

Facebook Twitter Email Pinterest I began looking for bicycle shops in Kenya when out of the blue, the Kenyan government and the Nairobi city County government, announced that there would be no Matatus going to the city center on certain days. I was a worried man. Why should not I be when nearest drop off […] More

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Turkish Novela channel TDC to broadcast on StarTimes

Facebook Twitter Email Pinterest Channel provider SPI International/FilmBox has partnered with pay television platform StarTimes Media to launch Turkish drama channel (TDC) to be available to subscribers in English language and subtitles in Kenya. TDC features over 600 hours of popular dramas. StarTimes Kenya subscribers can therefore look forward to smash-hit productions like Karadayi, Black Money Love, 20 Minutes, Kurt Seyit & Shura, […] More

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Getting Started with Dogecoin

Facebook Twitter Email Pinterest Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Dogecoin is digital money, but it’s a whole other species. Dogecoin started as a fun joke for crypto enthusiasts, and it took its name from a famous meme that was prevalent at the time. Especially as China banned Bitcoin from their country. Dogecoin “Dogecoin’s early days were […] More

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The 21 KIM Branches in Kenya, Contacts and Location

Facebook Twitter Email Pinterest tThis article shares all the KIM branches in Kenya. KIM stands for the Kenya Institute of Management. The KIM is a well know college in Kenya that offers short courses, certificate courses and professional courses. Moreover, they also offer diploma courses and many people in Kenya are graduates of this college. […] More

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