Masoko to deliver packages at your M-Pesa Agent

Masoko to deliver packages at your M-Pesa Agent

Masoko will deliver packages to your nearest M-Pesa agent in move that is going to shake up the E-Commerce platform.

Masoko, as many may know, has been notorious for late deliveries and is leveraging the M-Pesa network to try to improve on delivery times.

Unlike Jumia and Kilimall, which have huge following, Masoko owned by Safaricom seem to be taking the game a notch high. Kilimall has been making deliveries within 24 hours, making it the fastest E-commerce company in shipping products. Jumia on the other hand, has a huge following though their shipping speed has been average though it is the largest by number of customers.

Masoko seemingly is out to try out a different approach from the other E-commerce competitors, and since Safaricom owns both Masoko and M-pesa this approach is viable.

Taking advantage of the M-Pesa’s vast network, Masoko intends to bring your shipment to your doorstep. Currently Masoko delivers to 45 out of the 47 counties in Kenya with a total of 160,000 M-Pesa outlets.

In the past, Masoko has been working to build its reputation by signing up vendors who only delivery genuine products. The latest move, according to pundits, is to shake up the market that is currently dominated by Jumia.

So how will this work?

While it is unclear how this will work, the probable theory is that Masoko will ask you for an M-Pesa agent near you. Masoko will then deliver the package to the said agent from whom you can collect your package.

While this will be very convenient for shoppers (many whom have to make special arrangements to collect packages or cancel them completely), it also creates another business opportunity for millions of M-Pesa agents countywide.

That said, with Masoko you will not need to worry for deliveries, however you will have to pay a small fee for this service.


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