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Classic Luxury Shuttles Booking and Destinations

Classic Luxury Shuttle and not to be confused with a Classic Shuttle is a shuttle service that operates from its base on Mfangano Street...

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    What I learnt using Safaricom’s Fuliza.

    This is what I learnt using Safaricom’s Fuliza. I have had the opportunity to experience firsthand how this system works. Besides it easy to explain something you have gone through than imagine how it works.

    If you still do not know what Fuliza is and how it works, you can read the article I wrote earlier here.

    So bent on understanding how Fuliza works, I did something intentionally.

    Here is how it went.

    I topped up my Mpesa account with money with the intent of sending it to someone else.  However, I did not have the transactions fees; that is the amount to send and that to withdraw at the other end.

    Not sure what would exactly happen, I entered the entire amount that was in my Mpesa Wallet when prompted to enter the amount to send.

    With a mixture of anxiety and uncertainty, I hit the sent button. Off course I was not greeted with the traditional message we always receive when low on funds, but by a message that read;

    You have insufficient funds, Fuliza Ksh. YYYYYY (Amount to borrow) an access fee of Ksh. ZZZZZZ (Cost to access the service) and a daily fee of Ksh. XXXXXX on outstanding balance. Proceed?


    2. No

    I then just entered 1, and viola, the message was sent.

    It was as simple as that!

    Now I had a debt to pay and I needed to pay it fast, otherwise I would accumulate more interest.

    However, how would I pay the amount?

    I got the answer the following day when someone sent me money and I got a message that what I had ‘Fulizad’, had been deducted already.

    That is, the amount in my Mpesa wallet was already less than I anticipated. Safaricom had already deducted the amount due to them.

    This what I learnt using Safaricom’s Fuliza, it will come in handy when you are low on money, however, if you intend to use their service and not pay, you had better forget about Mpesa services on your phone!

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