Dreamline Bus Online Booking: Do It In 2 Minutes.

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Here is how Dreamline Bus Online Booking is done.

If you came for the same reason, I am glad that you joined me. I did an online booking and took a ride on Dreamline bus just to bring you firsthand information about the company.

Can I book Dreamline Bus Online?

Quick answer to this is yes, and that is exactly what I teaching you here. All you need to do is read on.

Should the information on this page not satisfy you, you can consider these other bus companies. Most of them operate on the same routes that Dreamline Bus company plies.

They are;

Now that I have given you other options to choose from, let me take you through a step-by-step guide on how to make Dreamline Bus Online booking.

Dreamline Bus Online Booking:  A step-by step Guide.

From your PC or mobile phone, go to dreamline.co.ke

If this link does not work, copy and paste it in your browser. If successful, this should take you to a page that looks this way.

Dreamline Bus online booking

Note that this is part of the web page and it is our area of focus. Now, the first step is to search for any available buses.

Enter the city or location you are departing and the city you are traveling to. Then select the number of seats you want to book (if you traveling as a group), finally select the travel date.

Hit the “Search Button”. We find ourselves here.

Dreamline Bus online booking

In my case, I got a large list of available buses. All I had to do was to choose the most appropriate based on travel time. I guess you also should do the same.

Once you have settled on one, hit the ‘View Seats Button’. You should get to this page is you are successful.

Dreamline Bus online booking

There three categories to choose from, the VIP, Business Class and Normal. Choose appropriately. In my case I choose seat No. 4.

From the image above, you can clearly see the all the seats available (in white) and those booked (grey). If you select a seat, it is highlighted red.

Again VIP seats are yellow in color, Business class in Green and Normal are in Blue.

On the right of the image,  pick-up and drop of points are clearly shown. The total fare due is again shown.

At this point, we have just a few more steps to complete our Dreamline Bus Online Booking. 

Let us move on.

If you are happy and everything looks good, hit the ‘Continue Button’.

You will find yourself here.

Proceed as a Guest

Choose whether to ‘sign up with email’, ‘sign in’ if you are a frequent traveler or ‘continue as a guest’.

I recommend proceeding as a guest.

Whichever method you choose, you will see this pop-up page.

Contact details

Fill in all the required information. If everything looks good, hit the ‘Proceed To Pay Button’. This takes you here.

Last step

As you can see, you have a 7-minute window to make the payment. All you have to do now is to hit the ‘Make Payment’ Button.

A message will be sent to your Mpesa line to prompt you to make the payment.

Please act accordingly.

Once the payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation message that your booking has been successful.

You can now either print your ticket or collect it at bus company office.

If you have made your booking, congratulations, that is how easy Dreamline Bus online booking is.

Dreamline Bus Destinations

Dreamline bus operates on major Kenya routes. However, they do not go to all towns. If you plan to book, here are the destinations.

From Nairobi to;

  • Mombasa
  • Kigali
  • Kampala
  • Malindi

From Mombasa to;

  • Nairobi
  • Kisumu
  • Mumias
  • Migori

From Kampala

  • Nairobi
  • Bunjumbura
  • Mombasa

Off course you can always ask if they have other destinations. Their contacts are listed below.

Dreamline Bus Contact Information

In case you need to contact the company here is how to.

Dreamline East Africa Limited.

Head Office,Mombasa

P.O.Box: 42551-80100

Email us: info@dreamline.co.ke

For Booking (Telephone):




I did travel with the Dreamline Bus in the VIP section. I did not experience anything out of the ordinary. At their website the say that they provide services such as free Wi-Fi on board, VIP treatment, more leg room and power outlets.

When you are on board you quickly discover there is no much difference with that other bus company you have ever traveled with.

Want to know my experience? No, let me keep it to myself. Why don’t you book a ticket, take a ride and share your experiences with us?

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