Airtel Paybill Number; How To Buy Credit.

airtell paybill

Airtel Kenya has a paybill number. The number is 220220.

It is funny to note that Airtel Kenya has a paybill number from its fiercest competitor Safaricom. We all know that Safaricom paybill numbers are used to of the Mpesa platform.

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So what the hell is Airtel doing with an Mpesa paybill number?

It is no secret that Mpesa is the most popular money app in Kenya. Currently, the are going global by expanding to international markets.

It is with this popularity that has made Airtel tap into users that are currently using Mpesa.

But what is it for?

Let us find out.

How to use Airtel Paybill number.

If you are not aware, you can buy Airtel credit through the Paybill number.

What do I mean?

Yes, you can easily top up your Airtel line from your Mpesa wallet. There are those times when the only cash on you is in your Mpesa wallet and you need to top up the Airtel line.

Instead of withdrawing the money the buy a physical credit card, the paybill number comes in handy.

Now how is it done? Here we go.

Step 1

Go to your Mpesa wallet. You can do this either via the SIM Toolkit or Via MySafaricom App.

Step 2

Go to the Menu and Select Lipa Na Mpesa.

Step 3

Choose Paybill

Step 4

Select Enter Business No, the enter 220220, press OK

Step 5

In the next menu select then enter your Airtel number eg. 0735XXXXXX and press OK when done.

Airtel paybill

Step 6

A Hakikisha page will come up to for you to confirm that the details are correct. Should the details be wrong, enter any number or letter to cancel the transaction before the 25 seconds are over.

Step 7

Now just wait for the M-PESA transaction SMS on your Safaricom line to confirm the Pay Bill. As soon as it arrives, you should also receive a top up SMS on your Airtel line from CHAPCHAP.

See screenshot below.

Airtel paybill

You can always Check your balance by dialing *133# or *131#.


The Airtel Paybill services are provided by a third party called Pesapal. Therefore, when you send the money through the paybill, it goes through them

For this reason, the service is not free. When I used the service, I incurred a charge of Ksh. 2.

Another thing I noted is that, if you intend to use the credit fast, this service may disappoint you. I my case, I had to wait for over half an hour for the amount to be credited into my account.

Nevertheless, it a good way to top up if you have cash in your Mpesa or you are in a location you cannot access a shop to buy a physical credit card.


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